Race to the Top


Race to the Top (RTTT) is a federally funded education initiative to improve public education and  student learning. Its focus is not on funding direct services to students, but rather on funding the study and implementation of systemic changes that will improve the effectiveness of public education.

Massachusetts has chosen to focus its change efforts on:

  • Improving teacher and principal effectiveness based on performance
  • Ensuring effective teachers and leaders in every classroom and school through revisions to state learning standards, improvement in working conditions for educators in the local school districts (LEAs), and expanding professional development for educators
  • Using data to inform instruction
  • Increasing college and career readiness
  • Implementing a statewide teaching and learning system
  • Turning around the lowest achieving schools (North Adams does not fall into this group)

The North Adams Public Schools is one of the 256 Massachusetts LEAs participating in RTTT (of the 392 total districts). NAPS is participating in all but the last of the Massachusetts initiatives listed above.

The links below explain various aspects of our RTTT project and the work of the committees that are helping us implement our RTTT initiatives.


State and Local RTTT Goals
Progress toward our RTTT Goals
NAPS RTTT Committees
RTTT Proposals