Clarification on Strawberry Recall

There are many rumors regarding the voluntary recall of a shipment of strawberries at Brayton Elementary School. Here are the facts:

  • On November 3rd, the district received notification that a shipment of sliced strawberries was being voluntarily recalled as an over-precaution to an FDA investigation into whole strawberries linked to an outbreak of Hepatitis A.
  • The sliced strawberries were removed from use in the cafeteria and the Department of Public Health was notified.
  • The Department of Public Health reviewed the recall. The DPH also provided technical assistance with the letter that was sent home to all students and provided to all staff.
  • Hepatitis A is a virus transmitted through contaminated food or water. There is no evidence that the recalled sliced strawberries were contaminated. The vendor voluntarily recalled the sliced strawberries as a precaution. Because of this, there is no DPH recommendation for immediate vaccination of staff