Updates on the federal government shutdown and the impact on SNAP

Below are some important updates on the federal government shutdown and the impact on SNAP. 
Information for SNAP households:
  • Households whose SNAP cases are pending or who file a new application are encourgaed to get their case resolved as quickly as possible. There is a limited amount of federal funds for new applications and pending cases going into February. It is unclear when federal funds will no longer be available. 
  • Those who need to take action on their SNAP case (such as an Interim Report or Recertification) are encouraged to take action as soon as possible. After January 20th, DTA will be processing cases as normal - but due to lack of clarity about funding on the federal level, it is important for SNAP households to do outstanding paperwork as soon as possible.   
  • DTA will be issuing February SNAP EARLY - between January 17th and 20th. Just like all normal SNAP payments, this SNAP does not expire and will remain on the card until the household uses it. 
Updated information from DTA:
  • DTA has posted a very helpful SNAP Question and Answer page on Mass.gov HERE
  • DTA will be updating information here: Mass.gov/DTA. DTA is working very hard to be clear with SNAP households about this massive and unprecedented early issuance. 
  • To learn more about what is going on in a case, see DTA Connect information here
  • There's an expectaton that in the coming days the DTA Assistance Line wait times will be long, and that local offices will be busy as well. Here is a list of local office information.  
Please feel free to call the Family Place at (413) 663-7588 or stop by their office located at 61 Main Street, Suite 208, North Adams with any questions.