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The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department supports the district’s educational programming through the provision of resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth.  At North Adams Public Schools we believe that all of our students become college and/or career ready by being proficient in multiple academic areas as well as supported in their social/emotional and behavioral health development. 


Curriculum across the core academic content areas are aligned to the most current Massachusetts Frameworks issued through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (Link to State Curriculum).  Resources and materials are under yearly committee examination for alignment to student learning expectations.     


The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department includes resources for learning across a continuum of services including Literacy/Title I, English Language acquisition and development, instructional technology, Teach to Learn science for grades K-5, 21st Century Out-of-School programs, professional development and mentoring, grant acquisition and management in support of student development, and data/assessment resources for teaching and learning.


Staff in the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department also maintain student and educator data in support of academic, social/emotional and behavioral health development.  The staff are responsible for federal and state reporting, local data management, analysis and displays, and maintaining connections between data source providers and classrooms.  The Department provides services to administration and teachers throughout the district that assist with the continuous improvement of schools, programs, resources, and individual practice.

Curriculum Review and Civil Rights Criterion
North Adams Public Schools ensures that individual teachers in the district review all educational materials for simplistic and demeaning generalizations, lacking intellectual merit, on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin and sexual orientation.  Appropriate activities, discussions and/or supplementary materials are used to provide balance and context for any such stereotypes depicted in such materials.  (Adopted from Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Civil Rights Criterion)
To meet required criterion, individual teachers are also asked to evaluate personal stories and sharings to allow for balance and context.  The District's Curriculum Team evaluates materials prior to adoption or inclusion into the list of approved resources that can be accessed by teachers in support of learning.