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The Goal of Title I
The goal of Title I is to provide instructional support services to meet the need of children identified as being at risk of failing the state's challenging performance standard.
Title I Can Make a Difference
It makes a difference by helping:
  • children do better in school.
  • parents have more say about their child's education.
  • teachers, who can benefit from the input and support that parents bring to the school, and from the satisfaction of seeing children succeed.
Title I can provide extra educational assistance beyond the regular classroom.  The North Adams Title I program provides supplementary instruction in reading and math.
Title I Programs Help Us Offer:
  • flexible small-group instruction
  • a variety of supplementary teaching methods and individualized programs for students.
  • additional teaching materials which supplement regular instruction.
  • more ways to use resources.
  • parent involvement opportunities
Parent Are Part of the Team
Do you know that children do better in school when their parents are involved in their education?
There are many ways to be involved in your child's education, from reading at home with your child and setting up your home as a place for learning to be being involved at school.
Parent Can Help By:
Sharing a love of learning by encouraging learning throughout the day.  Parents can:
  • use math when comparing prices at the grocery store.
  • help your child read signs while shopping or taking a walk.
  • let your child see you read the newspaper.
  • read books and talk about them.
  • limit TV time and choose appropriate programs
  • talk about the school day.