School Safety Brochure

Emergency and Crisis Preparedness in the North Adams Public Schools

The North Adams Public Schools' School Safety Brochure is intended to inform parents, guardians, students and the public about the North Adams Public Schools’ Emergency Management plans and procedures that have been designed to protect students and staff in every building.

The school district takes a proactive approach to ensure the safety of all students, staff members and families. Our preparedness program includes means of preventing and mitigating emergencies and crises, as well as preparing for, responding to and recovering from such eventsThe district works in close collaboration with local, state and federal health, safety and emergency personnel to develop and maintain plans for responding to a variety of emergency situations. These plans involve efforts to protect all students while they are at school.

If you have specific questions about school safety and support responses at your child’s school, please contact your principal directly.

School Safety Brochure Rev2020