About Business Office

The Business Office is responsible for all financial and business activities required to efficiently and effectively operate The North Adams Public Schools. This includes budgeting, financial accounting, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, billing, grants management, and employee benefits along with many state and federal compliance requirements.

The Payroll Department processes transactions for over 350 active employees, including certified and non-certified staff, substitutes, tutors, coaches, and district-wide employees. Payments are also made for payroll-associated costs such as state teachers’ retirement, municipal employees’ retirement, union dues, tax shelter annuities, and over fifteen other deductions.

The district uses KVS financial software to process payroll, purchase orders, pay vendors, and record budget transactions. The Business Office will process, record and track approximately 18.5 million dollars in transactions this year.

Business Office/Mailing Address:

North Adams Public Schools

Attn: Business Administrator, Carrie Burnett

10 Main Street, Second Floor

North Adams, MA 01247