Human Resources/Job Openings

All job postings, applications and employment paperwork are handled in the district's Human Resource Department located at 10 Main Street, 2nd Floor. For a list of current employment opportunities in the North Adams Public Schools see below.

If you are interested in applying for a position in the district, please complete the application below and return it to Charlene Volff in our Central Office at 10 Main Street, 2nd Floor or via email at

North Adams Public Schools Application

For questions or assistance with applying for a position, please contact Charlene Volff at (413) 776-1458.

North Adams Public Schools Employment Opportunities

Administrative Positions:
Early College Coordinator

Athletics and Activities:
Fall Coaching Positions-Drury High School

Classroom Teachers:
Grade 7/8 Mathematics Teacher-Drury
Elementary Teacher-Greylock Elementary School
Kindergarten Teacher-Colegrove Park Elementary

Instructional Support:
Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA)
Permanent Daily Substitute Teacher (2) Drury High School
Permanent Daily Substitute (2) Brayton
Permanent Daily Substitute Teacher (2) Greylock
Permanent Daily Substitute Teacher (2) CPES
Substitute Teachers
Teacher Assistant-Brayton Elementary
Teacher Assistant-Special Education-CPES
One to One Teacher Assistant (2) Greylock Elementary
Teacher Assistant (2) Greylock Elementary
Behavior Technician-Brayton Elementary
Library Paraprofessional-Greylock
Teacher Assistant-Student Support Center-CPES
Personal Care Attendent/Licensed Practical Nurse

Student Services:
Grade 7-8 Guidance Counselor-Drury High School
School Adjustment Counselor-Greylock Elementary School
School Adjustment Counselor-Off Campus-Drury
Substitute School Nurse
Speech/Language Pathologist (2)
Special Education Coordinator-Drury High School
Speech/Language Pathology Assistant

Support Staff:
Clerical Paraprofessional Greylock Elementary School
Cafeteria Manager-BART
Cafeteria Workers
Substitute Custodian
Substitute Van Driver
Bus Monitor

District Stipend Positions:
Math Recovery: AVMR Course I
School-based DEIJ Team Facilitator
School-based DEIJ Team Members
Instructional Leadership Team Member (ILT)- 5 per school
Extra-Curricular Advisors-Drury High School
PBIS Professional Development Team Member (4)
K-12 Science Coordinator
K-12 Math Coordinator
K-12 Social Studies Coordinator
ST Math Building-Level Champion (1 per school)
Community Outreach and Court Liaison-Drury
Elementary Mentor (6)
Teacher Evaluator Training
Early College Curriculum Alignment Team (4)
Early College SEL and Orientation Planning Team (5)
Early College Summer Intervention Planning Team (12)
Early College Summer Planning Coordinator
SMARTboard Learning Building-Based Champion (4)

Adult Basic Education Program:
Evening Math Adult Basic Education Teacher
Adult Basic Education Teacher Literacy/Math
Adult Basic Education Teacher (4)
ABE Advisor
ABE Enrollment and Assessment Coordinator