District & School Improvement Plans

MGL Chapter 69, Section 11 requires school districts to develop a three year District Improvement Plan and annual School Improvement Plans and a District Action Plan.

The District Improvement Plan includes: (a) an analysis of student and subgroup achievement gaps in core subjects; (b) identification of specific improvement objectives; (c) a description of the strategic initiatives the district will undertake to achieve its improvement objectives; and (d) performance benchmarks and processes for evaluating the effect of district improvement initiatives. Additionally, the plan shall describe the professional development activities that will support each district improvement initiative and the teacher induction and mentoring activities that will be undertaken to support successful implementation of the district’s improvement efforts.

The District Action Plan enumerates the specific activities, persons responsible, and timelines for action to be taken as part of the strategic initiatives set forth in the District Improvement Plan, and shall identify the staff and financial resources allocated to support these initiatives.

Annually, the principal of each school, in consultation with the school council, shall adopt student performance goals for their school consistent with the school performance goals established by the Department of Education. The principal and school council work together to assess the needs of the school and formulate a School Improvement Plan to advance such goals and improve student performance. The school’s plan to support improved student performance shall include the same components required in the District Improvement Plan. Each School Improvement Plan shall be submitted to the superintendent for review and approval.

District Improvement Plan

Drury High School, School Improvement Plan