English/Language Arts


The K-12 ELA curriculum is based on the 2017 Frameworks for English Language Arts and Literacy.

Each of the adopted curriculum resources has been vetted and is proven to support student learning in Reading and Writing.

At the elementary level, students use ReadyGEN in grades K-6 as their primary resource for learning important reading skills. Fundations is used in grades K- 2 to support foundational literacy skills, and Spellography in grades 3 & 4 to support vocabulary acquisition and word study, ThinkSRSD (Self-Regulated Strategy Development) is used in grades K-6 to support informational and narrative writing to which we will be expanding to the 7/8 Academy at Drury High School.

At the secondary level, students use MyPerspectives in grades 7-11. Through these vertically-aligned programs our students to engage with hard copy and online text resources that differentiate learning to address all levels, allowing those who require additional practice to receive it and also providing an opportunity for students to grow to meet and exceed expectations.

Common Assessments

The common assessment we use to monitor students progress in reading and writing include the following:

FastBridge fluency and comprehension screeners, K-8, three times a year.
Unit assessments, 4-6, at the completion of each grade level unit.
School-administered writing assessments, K-10: narrative, opinion, and informational writing products.