Head Guidance Counselor

Location: Drury High School

This is an annual internal posting for current NAPS faculty members. The following position is stipended per the NATA contract and is for the school year only.

Job Goal:         To supervise and administer the total high school guidance program and to perform other related duties.

 Supervision:    Responsible to the high school principal. Responsible for all guidance personnel. Advisory and service relationship with all other professional staff members.

Performance Responsibilities:


1.      Assume complete responsibility for supervising and administering the overall operation of the guidance department.

2.      Supervise and direct all guidance department staff members.

3.      Assume responsibility for the continuous evaluation of all guidance department personnel.

4.      Formulate and administer the guidance department budget.

5.      Assume responsibility for the compilation, maintenance, and interpretation of all pupil records, test results, and reports.

6.      Assess, on a formal and regular basis, all guidance services.

7.      Counsel students individually and in groups.

8.      Assist in planning and conducting group guidance activities in the classroom.

9.      Act as a developmental specialist, a change agent, and a resource person.

10.  Function as a student advocate in all matters.

11.  Establish and maintain a positive and helpful psychological climate within the school setting.

12.   Work with other school personnel to insure proper placement of all students and to assist students in adjusting to the total school environment.

13.  Serve as referral agent to other services and agencies within and outside of the school system.

14.  Assist parents to improve the economic, physical, or social conditions that threaten the welfare of the child in his/her total environment.

15.  Coordinate and integrate the resources of the school, home, and community to meet the developmental needs of the individual.

16.  Advise on matters pertaining to program and service offerings and modifications.

17.  Participate in curriculum development.

18.  Administer individual and group tests.

19.  Conduct or participate in surveys and research studies.

20.  Provide for acquisition of current guidance information materials.

21.  Participate in planning and conducting student orientation.

22.  Plan and conduct in-service training for staff and workshops for parents.

23.  Interpret guidance services to school personnel and the community.

24.  Assist with the preparation of the master schedule.

25.  Make a special effort to insure a close and cooperative relationship between guidance and special education.

26.  Assume responsibility of keeping up-to-date professionally by reading widely, attending professional meetings, visiting other school systems, taking courses at accredited colleges or universities, and any other means that will contribute to professional growth.

27.  Perform any duties related thereto. 

The Committee's policy of nondiscrimination will extend to students, staff, the general public, and individuals with whom it does business; No person shall be excluded from or discriminated against in admission to a public school of any town or in obtaining the advantages, privileges, and courses of study of such public school on account of age, race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or homelessness.

Required:        Massachusetts certification as a guidance director. Minimum of three years experience as a counselor.       

Physical Requirements:                 The position requires a moderate amount of walking, standing, sitting and climbing stairs and step stool whenever necessary.  Activities also include moderate physical exertion in body movement such as reaching, bending, twisting, grasping, pushing, and pulling of objects.  The position requires lifting objects of 20 pounds on a frequent basis, and over 20 pounds occasionally.  There is a frequent requirement of fine manipulation associated with the required use of a computer, typewriter, keyboard, calculator, and other business machines. 

Environmental Conditions:           The occupant is required to work indoors.  The regular chemical solvents are toners, inks, and cleaning fluids.

Start Date

Stipend per the NATA contract

Charlene Volff
Phone: 413-776-1458
Fax: 413-776-1685
10 Main Street, Second Floor, North Adams, MA 01247