It is important that we have accurate and up to date information to best care for your child. If your student does not have one on file, please complete the form and return it to the main office of your school building.

Health Office

Welcome to the Health Services Department of North Adams Public Schools! The role of the School Nurse is to work together with the health department, education department, primary care  physicians, students and their families to provide an enriched learning environment that considers the physical, social and emotional needs of each student. Our primary goal is to keep our students in school and ready to learn.

Our staff consists of caring and knowledgeable health care professionals who are dedicated to providing care, promoting health and maintaining the safety of each student. We encourage students, parents and caregivers to get to know the  nurse at their school. Our hope is to provide a feeling of comfort while your children are in our  care. We are here for your children.

Please refer to your student handbook and our Health Services online tabs for information regarding what is expected for your child to be able to participate in school. We  check to make sure immunizations are current, screen your child for specific health concerns and  follow protocol in caring for your sick child. Please feel free to come to any of us with any  questions or concerns. 


The Health Services Team