The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education seeks to eliminate barriers in every student's education.

Students identified as homeless are entitled:

  • to enroll in school immediately with or without typical documentation such as medical records, proof of residency or school records.

  • to continue in the school of origin or enroll in a public school in the district where they are temporarily housed.

  • when feasible, to transportation to their school of origin or the school where they are to be enrolled.

  • to automatically receive free breakfast and lunch at school.

  • to participate in all activities that the school sponsors.

  • to Title I services.

  • to services without fear of discrimination.

  • to receive all other educational and supplemental services that all students are provided.


McKinney-Vento District Coordinator
Thomas Simon, Director of Student Support Services

McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Case Manager
Emily Schiavoni, Community Outreach Coordinator

NAPS Prekindergarten Program - 664-4169
Shelley Fachini, Special Education Coordinator for Early Childhood

Brayton Elementary School - 662-3260
Carrie Wallace, Principal
Stephanie Shoffstall, School Adjustment Counselor

Greylock Elementary School - 662-3255
Sandra Cote, Principal
Kathy Gwozdz, School Adjustment Counselor

Colegrove Park Elementary School - 662-3250
Julia Richard-O’Donovan, School Adjustment Counselor

Drury High School - 662-3240
Timothy Callahan, Principal
William Bryce, Dean of Students
Patricia O’Donnell, School Adjustment Counselor


  • Teachers, staff, and administration shall notify the building liaison of their knowledge of a student in a homeless situation or an unaccompanied youth. Building liaison will connect with the family and with the district liaison to ensure all the families/unaccompanied youth’s needs are being met.

  • In collaboration, the Department of Children and Families, Louison House, Barton’s Crossing, Domestic Violence Shelter and/or the Elizabeth Freeman Center will notify district or building liaison of their knowledge of families or youth who are homeless. District personnel will put into place the procedures for children who are homeless/unaccompanied youth.

  • All families and students who are identified as homeless will be treated with dignity and respect. All information will be confidential.

  • Students who enter without records will be placed with peers at the appropriate grade level. NO student will be retained based on a lack of records or homeless status. If there are indications of struggling to keep up with peers Title 1 interventions will be put in place as well as referral to the Individual Support Team (IST) in each building. If the child is struggling with interventions then a referral to special education will be initiated.

  • Each building liaison will complete a collection form and send to the Director of Student Support Services who will submit such documentation to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Homeless Students Enrollment Rights and Services

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