Professional Development

All Educators in the North Adams Public Schools are expected to plan and carry out activities to ensure the continued expansion of their knowledge base in their field, and continued improvement in their professional practice.

As stated in the teacher evaluation rubric, proficient educators “consistently seek out and apply…ideas for improving practice from supervisors, colleagues, professional development activities, and other resources to gain expertise and/or assume different instruction and leadership responsibilities.” 

To support these efforts the North Adams Public Schools offers several professional development options for educators: 

1) Annual District Professional Development

The District PD series is linked to district improvement goals & strategies

2) Building-based Professional Development

To address specific school-based priorities and goals, principals and/or building-based Instructional Leadership Teams may design building-based PD that is delivered during faculty meetings and/or school day release time.

3) On-line Professional Development

We will support teachers who wish to use high quality on-line resources for development.  Please contract the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for information regarding approval.

4) Course Reimbursement

The district will reimburse faculty for ½ the cost of coursework they complete in pursuit of an advanced degree in their field or in some areas, in support of DESE requirements.  Per Article XX, Section D of the NATA collective bargaining agreement, reimbursements will be capped at maximum of $50,000 each fiscal year. In the event that the requests for reimbursement exceeds the pool of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), reimbursement shall be made to teachers on a first-come-first-served basis based upon when the approved request was submitted to the Superintendent.  A Course Approval Form must be submitted and approved by the Superintendent prior to the start of the course(s). 

5) Mentoring

For educators in their first three years of practice in the district we offer a teacher or administrator mentor program. Participants receive an individual mentor in their first year and in all three years participate in a series of workshops on a variety of instructional and professional practices and issues.


Below are various resources related to professional development in the North Adams Public Schools