Substance Use Prevention & Education

The North Adams Public Schools is committed to providing substance-free learning and work environments for all students and staff members. It is also our commitment to our community to address the growing epidemic of addiction, particularly the life-threatening consequences of opioid use, through prevention, education, and intervention. In partnership with the Drug-Free Schools Committee of the Northern Berkshire County superintendents and school leaders, the North Adams Public Schools will be implementing the evidenced-based prevention curriculum, Life Skills, to all middle and high school students. This curriculum has been provided by the District Attorney of Berkshire County, David Capeless, with training for teachers provided throughout the county. In addition, we are in partnership with local community agencies that provide resources and assistance for recovery and treatment.

As a community effort including our students and parents/guardians, we will continue to provide the knowledge, values, and skills to prevent substance use.

An Act Relative to Substance Use, Treatment, Education and Prevention was signed into law on March 14, 2016, as chapter 52 of the Acts of 2016.

According to Mass General Law chapter 71, sec. 96 (as amended by 2016, c. 52, a. 15) school districts are required to:

  • adopt a policy regarding substance use, prevention, and the education of its students about the dangers of substance abuse

  • notify parents/guardians of all students attending the school of the policy

  • post the school committee approved policies on the district website

North Adams policies regarding substance use, treatment, education and prevention, and the Life Skills curriculum are indicated to the left

  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy

  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use by Students Prohibited

  • Teaching About Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

For specific information regarding the implementation of these policies, including disciplinary consequences up to and including exclusion from school, please refer to the student handbook.