Registration for Session 2 of the Drury High School 21st Century Afterschool Program

The afterschool program is open to all grades 7-12 and runs from January 7th to March 22nd (10 weeks total).

Use this link to register!

For questions, please email program director Annie Pecor at apecor@napsk12.org or call 413-412-1118.  

Below, you'll find a list of programs being offered: 

Sports with Detective Mirante:  Do you love sports? Join this program to learn a variety of games, and play some old ones in the gym at the North Adams Armory. Participants will run, so sneakers and appropriate clothes are must. 

Stop Motion Animation: In this hands-on program, you will use the Stop Motion Studio and CapCut apps to create your own stop motion videos. Using paper, clay, legos and found items you can create your own characters, sets and stories to share. All skill levels encouraged. Sign up with a friend. 

Cooking: Spend Monday afternoons in the kitchen learning to bake, cook and create on a budget. Enjoy the added benefit of sharing creations with friends. 

Make-n-Take: Arts & Crafts: Do you love to paint, draw and explore different mediums of art (watercolor, pastel, paper mache etc)? If yes, then sign up to complete projects of your choosing for each of the ten weeks. Let your imagination run wild in vibrant pastels or in black and white charcoal. 

Moving Life Stories (w/Berkshire Pulse): Do you love to write stories and/or poetry and enjoy dance? Then this program is for you! Moving Life Stories (MLS) is a creative-based workshop where you are offered an opportunity to share personal journeys and life experiences through movement and words.

Setting The Scene: Create the set for the spring musical! As Scenic Designers we will collaborate with the director and production team members to plan and build backdrops, props, and any other visual elements that enhance the storytelling on stage for the spring musical. We will begin by viewing productions of the spring musical, and plan from there. If you have always wanted to be a part of the spring show but don't want to be on stage - working on the set is a great way to be involved! 

The Drury Performing Arts Center Musical with Ms. Urban, Mr. Caproni, Ms. Hartlage Mr. Caproni: All are welcome to participate in the spring musical. If you plan to be on stage, work behind the scenes, or be part of the pit band, please sign up through our 21st Century program! 

The Devil's Disciple: Drury's student newspaper, The Devil's Disciple, will be making a comeback. You'll explore journalism principles to create newspaper content based on your interests, with the goal of publishing the paper monthly to start, and more frequently as the year progresses. 

Role Playing Games (RPG): Have you ever watched a movie and said "If I was the hero I would have...."? Do you want to slay monsters and tell an epic story? Or do you just want to come and joke around while rolling dice to see who shoots an arrow into a ceiling? Whatever your answers are to these questions you have a place at the table during our After School RPG program. During this program you are given the opportunity to work collaboratively with your Game Master and other players to tell a story that matters, that deals with problems and overcomes them. Roll some dice, slay some monsters, tell a story (even if you roll a one).

Checkmate!: This chess program is for newcomers and those returning to the game. Come on Tuesdays to practice the game of chess and become a champion player. 

Magic: The Gathering: Ever wanted to learn how to play a trading card game? In this program, you can! Compete with your friends and classmates in Magic: The Gathering, a strategy game using a wide variety of interesting cards. No cards necessary, we'll provide them for you!  

Book Club: Do you love to read novels, comic books, or graphic novels? Do you love to talk about your favorite characters or meet new ones? Join this program to explore a variety of stories with time to share their favorite ones.